Het nieuwe financiële systeem

Door Paul Henry Moore, 27 februari 2018

Deze column is voorlopig alleen in het Engels.

If there is one sector we have to make more changes than in all other sectors, it’s in the financial sector. And to be honest: that is verry necessary. The financial market is corrupt to the bones. And it is more powerful than any other sector. Even more than the governments of the independent countries. Their recklessness and lust for power almost dragged the world over the edge in 2008. It is time for changes…

One currency

How does it work now? You travel from one country to another and every time you have to go to a bank to change money. And if you buy something on the internet in, for instance, Pounds, your accountant have to convert the invoice, before booking it in your administration. How complicated. What if we had just one currency, all over the world. It would make live much easier.

The same prices

A bread now can cost 2,50 Euro in Germany and just 0,25 Euro in Ghana. But then again, the wages are also different. So in the end there is no problem. You think… But what if the different in prices where at neighbour countries. In the Netherlands fuel is more expensive than in Germany. Many Dutchman travel therefore over the border to get their fuel in Germany. The different in prices makes also that people can’t travel freely. When you live in Ghana and you want to travel to Germany, a hotel would cost you half your monthly salary. Not a pleasant thought.

In the ‘perfect world’ it is all much easer. Every product in a certain class has the same price… everywhere. So if you want to buy a bread in Berlin or Accra, it will cost you the same. The only different is when you want to buy a more luxury bread. That will cost you more. But also that luxury bread will cost you the same everywhere in the world. But also the wages are the same all over the world. A cashier in Berlin earns the same as a cashier in Accra.

One bank

In 2008 the world was facing a disaster. The financial world was about to collapse. The malefactors were the commercial and investing banks. The were taking to much risks. And all because of the big money they earn and the power that they gained. Some banks were to big to handle. The products to complicated.

When the world united, also the bank sector will change dramatically. Commercial and investing banks are forbidden. Instead from that moment there is only one bank: the United World Bank. The United World Bank is not a commercial bank, but a state bank. There goal is not to make money, but to serve the system. Algemeen

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